Early College Program at Lynn English High School

Dear Lynn English Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors,

In the Spring 2021, you will have the opportunity to take FREE evening Early College Program classes, via Zoom or Collaborate, at North Shore Community College.

The courses include First Year College Experience, Speech, Introduction to Psychology, Composition 1, and Introduction to Statistics.

Attached to this email is the course schedule, including course descriptions, and the application. Carefully read the course descriptions, because in order to take a course, you may need to have first completed other courses.

In place of the taking the Accuplacer, SENIORS ONLY may submit one of the following:

– a transcript with a weighted GPA of 2.7
– a PSAT or SAT score reports with a 550 score in Reading & Writing and a 540 score in Math
– an ACT score report with a 22 score in each of Reading, Writing & Math

If interested in applying, FOLLOW THE STEPS IN ORDER as listed on the last page of the application. The application is four pages long; the first three pages need to be completed. These courses are first come, first served. So, submit your application to your guidance counselor ASAP.

1. Take the Accuplacer or, IF YOU ARE A SENIOR, submit a qualifying transcript or PSAT, SAT or ACT scores.

2. Complete the Early College application. DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING BLANK. Provide all information and check off all boxes where the application allows you to do so.
– you must select a 1st choice course and 2nd choice course
– for TERM, check the box before SPRING and type 2021 for the YEAR
– STUDENT SASID can be left blank; your guidance counselor will fill in
– check off the five boxes under 2. STUDENT SIGNATURE
– Remember, provide all information and check off all boxes where the application allows you to do so.

3. Save the application as Your Full Name – Student ID Number – ECP Application (for example, Matthew Wilkins – 123456 – ECP Application) and email it to your guidance counselor

Ms. Baletsa – [email protected]
Mr. Benecke – [email protected]
Ms. Passanisi – [email protected]
Mr. Pena – [email protected]
Mr. Wilkins – [email protected]
Mr. Zollo – [email protected]

Replies to this email will NOT be answered. All questions should be directed to YOUR guidance counselor.

NSCC Course Schedule – Spring 2021

Spring 2021 NSCC Application

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