1. Grades: Visit the Naviance website for your GPA (grade point average) before starting your college search. Most colleges provide information on the “average” GPA range for incoming freshmen. You want to make sure that your GPA falls within this range. GPA and the rigor (Honors, Advanced Placement) of courses taken have been the most important factors in college admissions since the College Board began tracking this information in the 1980s.
  2. Class Rank: Visit the Naviance website to determine where you rank in your class. It is another variable to help you narrow down your search. Most students accepted to a particular school will fall within a certain range here as well.
  3. SAT, SAT Subject, ACT & TOEFL Scores: There are very few schools that DO NOT consider one of these scores as important admissions criteria.
  4. Extra–Curricular Activities: The majority of schools are looking for students who are “well rounded.” They seek students who have been involved in their school community (i.e., sports, clubs, activities, student government, community service, etc.) throughout all four years of high school.
  5. Ethnicity
  6. Geographic Location
  7. Alumnus Relationship (if any)
  8. Major applied to / College within the university applied to
  9. Honors and Awards
  10. Recommendations & Essays
  11. Interviews: Not all schools require admissions interviews. If you do attend an interview sessions, dress appropriately and speak properly.
  12. Behavior and Discipline Record
  13. Application Fees