Some material from American Federation of Teachers’ “Which College is Right for You?

  1. Type of school (refer to previous descriptions)
  2. School size (small…..> 5,000 or medium 5,000-15,000, or large…..> 15,000)
  3. Distance from home
  4. School setting (i.e., rural or urban, hot or cold climate, Southeast or Midwest)
  5. Life-Style (i.e., liberal, conservative, Greek system, athletic, alternative, religious)
  6. Programs: What majors are offered? Is the major that interests you offered? How many courses are required of your intended major?
  7. Cost – tuition, fees, books, room & board, meal plans, out-of-pocket expenses, required technology
  8. Extracurricular programs – athletics, clubs, student government, cultural activities, pre-professional clubs, intramural athletics
  9. Do you meet the admissions requirements?
  10. Housing – dormitories, suites, apartments, off-campus housing;
    1. Is housing guaranteed all four years?
    2. Are there housing options grouped by interest? – i.e., college major, foreign language, common interest, learning communities
  11. Roommates – how many expected? How are they determined?
  12. Does the school provide good financial aid?
  13. Class sizes – the student-to-faculty ratio
  14. Academic advising – the student-to-academic advisor ratio
  15. Academic services – tutors, mentors, writing center, math lab
  16. Amenities: dining halls, sports & fitness facilities, library, campus centers
  17. Student body (all male, all female, co-ed, diversity, LGBTQ, international, disabilities )
  18. Technology on campus – WIFI, computer labs, IT services, online courses
  19. Percentage of students who graduate in 4 years? 5 years?
  20. Campus Life: entertainment, museums, professional sports, employment opportunities, clubs, natural environment, cultural opportunities
  21. School’s reputation; campus appearance; friendliness of student body
  22. Transportation services
  23. Medical and health services; is health insurance required?
  24. Safety services: campus law enforcement, emergency call boxes, self-defense classes, emergency safety training, controlled access to dorms, escorts to dorms at night

“College Week Live” has a great resource entitled “70 Questions to Guide You to the Perfect College” – available at