North Shore Community College Programs

The following North Shore Community College programs have partnerships with Lynn English High School.

STEP – Students Taking Extra Preparation

The STEP program provides an opportunity for high school or home-schooled students to take college courses. Students may choose to do so to finish requirements for a high school diploma or for personal enrichment purposes. STEP students are mainstreamed into the college student population and can avail themselves of NSCC’s many services, including tutoring, advising, counseling, and use of the computer lab. Students wishing to apply credit earned at NSCC to their high school diploma will need to get that approval from the high school. Students must meet prerequisites for all courses. For further information, please contact Enrollment and Student Records at 978-762-4000 or 781-593-6722, or visit

Dual Enrollment

The Dual Enrollment program is for eligible high school and home-schooled students who want to earn both high school and college credits simultaneously by taking courses at NSCC. Courses must meet high school graduation requirements and be approved by the guidance counselor. Students are mainstreamed into the student college population and can avail themselves of NSCC’s many services, including tutoring, advising, counseling, and use of the computer lab. Preference is given to first-generation college students and students interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) disciplines. The Dual Enrollment program is FREE to selected and eligible students for one class. Students may register for more and pay the expenses out-of-pocket. However, this program is pending State funding in any given semester. For further information, please contact the Dual Enrollment coordinator at 978-762-4051, or visit NSCC Dual Enrollment Application

TRIO Talent Search

TRIO Talent Search is a federally-funded college access program for high school and middle school students who would be the first in their family to attend college. Through a partnership between North Shore Community College and Lynn Public Schools, TRIO advisors provide FREE college and career advising during the school day at Lynn English, Lynn Classical and Lynn Vocational Technical High Schools. We also provide tutoring in the areas of English, Math, Science, STEM, college and scholarship essays, and test prep. Students in TRIO Talent Search also participate in monthly field trips to college campuses across Massachusetts and beyond.

Our program is open to Lynn Public School students in grades 6-12 who would be a first generation college student and whose families meet the  U.S. Department of Education’s income guidelines for Federal TRIO Programs. Students must be a U.S. citizen or Permanent  Resident.

Applications are available in the Guidance Office or online –

For more information please contact [email protected] or call 781-477-2190. You may also visit Christian Beato in the Lynn English Guidance Department.”

Upward Bound

Upward Bound (UB) is a federal- and state-funded program designed to help low-income and first-generation college-bound high school students prepare for higher education. The program serves an academically, economically and ethnically diverse group of Lynn, MA students. UB provides new academic and cultural challenges and experiences while providing a close and intensive support system of tutoring and counseling. UB consists of two components: the Academic Year program, which takes place after school and on weekends between September and June, and the Summer Component, which is a six-week intensive academic program that includes a residential living experience. An emphasis is placed on building analytical, reading, writing, problem-solving, and social skills during both components. During the academic year, participants attend high school during the day and come to UB after school for tutoring, extracurricular activities, academic counseling, and social time with other UB students in a positive and supportive setting. The summer program is designed to recreate a college living and learning environment, providing a variety of academic classes in the mornings, and tutoring and extracurricular activities in the afternoons and evenings. Students are required to participate in both the academic year and summer components of UB. In addition to tutoring sessions and cultural, social and service events, students attend public-speaking and SAT preparation courses, and complete a Senior Class that covers the college admissions and financial aid application processes. UB’s success is reflected in its graduates, who are accepted and attend colleges and universities across the nation. Although most students start with UB at the end of the eighth grade, older applicants may be accepted. For more information, please call 781-477-2161 or visit the office on the Lynn Campus in Room LE330.