Extracurricular Activities

Lynn English High School Extracurricular Activities


All-City Band – Directors: Jeremy Witherell & James L’Italien

  • The All-City Band welcomes students from Lynn English, Lynn Classical, and Lynn Vocational Technical High Schools. The All-City Band includes the LPS Marching Band and the All-City Concert Band. These groups perform at football games for all three schools, as well as various parades, exhibitions, city events and concerts throughout the year. Time commitments include a week-long summer “Band Camp” with daily rehearsals before the school year starts, as well as after school rehearsals two days each week. Performances are typically evenings, with occasional weekend events. All students with band experience are invited to participate in the All-City Band.

Art Club – Advisor: Martha Brown

  • Art Club invites all to join! The club meets after school in Room 242, and it is a great place to be with old friends and meet new ones who share the same interests in the enjoyment of art. Students in the club create art for various purposes – to build their art portfolio, to enter art competitions, to enhance art skills, and for the sheer joy of making art. Club members are able to use all Art room resources to work on their own projects. We have many choices: drawing, painting, clay, and printmaking to name a few! There are field trips to museums, pizza parties, and fundraising opportunities. Please join if you are looking for a fun and inspiring club.

Bulldog Banner – Advisor: Sarah Phelan

  • The Bulldog Banner is back! The Lynn English High school newspaper is coming back to print after a few years off. Help us build the staff to cover all the news, sports, entertainment, and fun that’s fit to print!

Cisco Academy – Advisor: Peter Holey, Jr.

  • The Lynn English Cisco Academy is in the 15th year of its existence. Since its induction, students have learned the Essentials of the IT world and gained the skills to become certified IT professionals. As a certified Authorized Testing Academy, students have the unique opportunity to leave the halls of LEHS with not only a high school diploma but with a certification confirming job ready skills. The class is unlike most in that we use the virtual classroom Netacad.com sponsored and supported by the Cisco Company. Each student maintains a personal profile which can be customized to their liking. Classmates serve as their “friends” as well as “work colleagues”. Students will become adept in the understanding and importance of maintaining schedules, communications, and structure within a specialized work environment. Students are able to complete work in school and at home, communicate with the instructor and others in the class. This type of environment allows for students to experience a more complete style of learning. If interested in pursuing a career in a technical field or have further question, please feel free to see Mr. Holey in Room 219 or email him at [email protected]

Class of 2018 – Advisors: Mike Haddad & Erik Hellmer

Class of 2019 – Advisors: Kristen Paradis & Steven Smith

Class of 2020 – Advisors: Lisa Mageary & Andrew Fogarty

Class of 2021 – Advisors: Shannon Conlon & Allison Mosho

  • Class officers are responsible for planning class events such as proms, fundraisers, social & senior events and community service activities. Each class participates in fundraising to earn money for the class as well as earning money to defray the cost of each student’s class dues. Students who would like to become a class officer need to fill out the required paperwork and run for election to an office of president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, or executive assistant. When planning upcoming events, students should expect to meet more than once a week. Students are also expected at other events for upperclassmen when needed.

Computer Club – Advisor: Steven Smith

  • Computer Club is open to all students looking to improve or practice their computer expertise. Students are invited to meet afterschool to gain skills from basic computer literacy to building and coding machines. The club meets once a week and allows students to strengthen their computer skills to compete in the technology-driven world in which we live. Our mission is to build the knowledge to successfully manipulate and understand computers in order to drive both productivity and passion.

Cyber Patriots – Advisor: Sergeant Major Ken Oswald & Master Sergeant Gerard Goncalo

  • Cyber Patriot is the premiere national high school cyber defense competition created by the Air Force Association to inspire high school students toward careers in cybersecurity or other science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines critical to our nation’s future. Now in its fifth phase, CyberPatriot V is open to all high schools, Civil Air Patrol Units, JROTC Units, US Naval Sea Cadet Corps Units and accredited home school programs around the country. Cyber Patriot competitions are divided into two groups, the “All Services Teams” that are made up of ROTC candidates, and an “Open Division” made up of students from the entire student body. Lynn English currently have one team made up of ROTC cadets. That team is coached by Sgt. Major Oswald and has Mr. Holey, the Cisco Instructor, as their mentor. Lynn English is eligible to have a second team made up of any interested students. Mr. Holey will be recruiting students for the 2015-2016 competition year. In the first year of competition the Lynn English ROTC team was able to make it into the consolation round; a significant achievement. Next year the cadets have their eyes set on a place in the finals will that take place in Washington D.C.

Drama Collective – Advisor: Michael Lopez

  • English Theater Collective (ETC) is a great way to meet new friends, gain self-confidence, learn teamwork, foster creativity and put on some great shows! The theater collective produces two or three main stage productions each year: a fall play, a spring revue and sometimes we enter into the METG statewide one-act play competition. There are many ways to participate, as well as many different time commitments. Actors can expect to rehearse as many as four or five days a week, usually three hours at a time from 3:30-6:30. Students who choose to participate in tech (lights, sound, set building, costumes) might meet once or twice a week, usually right after schools on Fridays). Some jobs, like house staff, only require attendance at the performances. And students interested in set building can drop by any time to pick up a paint brush or a hammer. Drama collective has a student board: Czar, Assistant Czar, CFO (chief finance officer) and Social Media Guru. These positions are either volunteer or by election. The type of student who would fit in well with the drama collective is any student (regardless of first language, gender, gender identity, nationality, race or sexual orientation) who exhibits creativity, strong teamwork skills, commitment and a positive attitude. All are welcome, and boys and students of color are always especially encouraged to join. Participating in drama collective looks great on college applications and will allow you to build memories that will last a lifetime. We encourage all students to come and attend regardless of experience or fluency in English. First meeting of the year is in the first or second week of school and announcements are always made daily before the meeting. Check us out at www.LEHSDrama.org, or you can email Mr. Lopez at [email protected]

French Club – Advisor: Madeleine Dogramacian

  • French Club meets two or three times a month and has an enrollment of about 25 students. The club plans different activities every month, plays French games, learns French songs and watches French movies and documentaries. Every year, the club has a Halloween party and a Christmas party, which includes watching a movie on the culture and traditions of Noël in France and decorating the room with French-made Christmas cards.

Friends of Rachel Club – Advisor: Ginny Keenan

  • The Friends of Rachel Club is named after Rachel Scott, the first person killed in the Columbine High School massacre.  The contents of her diaries have become the foundation for this nationally acclaimed violence prevention program.  Just weeks before her death, Rachel wrote an essay in which she said, “I have this theory, if people can go out of their way to show compassion for just one person, you may just start a chain reaction.” The LEHS Friends of Rachel Club works to encourage students to continue Rachel’s chain of kindness and make positive changes in the way they treat others.  Through a variety of activities this group works to create an atmosphere of acceptance and inclusion for all of our students. The Friends of Rachel Club does not meet on a regular basis, but instead invites students to participate in club activities.  Some of our activities include visits to local elementary schools, acting as buddies to our special needs students, visits with the elderly, and volunteering at the food pantry.  The most popular activity of the club are our Mix It Up dinners, held twice a year in the fall and spring, to encourage students to get to know people who are not in their everyday circle of friends. Lynn English High School has been named a Mix It Up Model School by the Southern Poverty Law Center, in recognition of its efforts to create a school environment where respect and inclusiveness are core values. All LEHS students are welcome to join us for activities at any time during the year.  It is not necessary to attend every activity or every event, allowing students to make whatever commitment fits their schedule. Interested students should see Ginny Keenan in room 335.

Gay-Straight Alliance – Advisor: Jorge Ibanez

  • The Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) meets in Room 323 on every Friday afternoon. Anyone is welcome to join, whether are gay, straight, bisexual or transgender. We promote diversity and equality. Acceptance is what we practice. The GSA does fundraisers, discussion groups, social/holiday parties, games and activities, as well as participates in the annual Gay Pride Parade.

Latin Club – Advisor: Mike Haddad

  • Latin club is both a social and academic club at Lynn English high school. The Latin club meets once a month and organizes a variety of events and field trips throughout the year, including video game tournaments, Olympic decathlons, pizza and movie nights, philosophical gatherings, Roman holiday parties, and trips to the museum of Fine Arts and Boston University’s Classics Day. This club is a fun and friendly organization where many high school-long friendships have been cultivated. The advisor of the club is Mr. Haddad, who can always be found in Room 113 or contacted at [email protected] for any questions.

Living in Two Worlds – Advisors: Ginny Keenan & Tiffany McFarlane

  • Living in Two Worlds is an after school program for bicultural students who want to explore their roots in a fun and welcoming setting.  At our weekly meetings, members build relationships, share stories and traditions, and discuss mechanisms for the blending of their home culture with their more Americanized school culture.  The highlight of the program is working with the program’s technical consultants on the completion of individual video projects highlighting their unique experiences as first generation Americans.    Films will be shown at our own Living in Two Worlds festival in mid-April. Family, friends, teachers, and community members are all welcome to attend. Students who are interested in applying for this program should email one of the program coordinators by April 1: [email protected] or [email protected]

Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (MCJROTC) Program (including Drill Team,

Shooting Team, and Health & Wellness Club) – Instructors: Sergeant Major Kenneth Oswald &

Master Sergeant Gerard Goncalo:

  •       There are seven major goals of MCJROTC:
  1. The program aims at developing informed and responsible citizens.
  2. The program aims at developing leadership.
  3. The program helps build character. Cadets learn about ethics, leadership, fellowship, desirable traits and self-discipline.
  4. The program is designed to teach about the elements and requirements for national security. Cadets will be better equipped to make informed and intelligent decisions.
  5. Discipline is stressed. A good leader is one who has self-control and will remain calm and competent in difficult situations.  Self-discipline is the starting point.
  6. The program teaches that respect for authority is of utmost importance in any organization and in life in general. Cadets learn to respect peers, superiors and subordinates.
  7. MCJROTC enlightens cadets about possible career and educational choices.


  1. Each student must wear a MCJROTC uniform once a week and must look presentable.
  2. Each student must participate in physical fitness once a week and take a physical fitness test during the grading period (which consists of sit-ups, pull-ups, for male cadets, bent arm hang for female cadets and one (1) mile run.

Math Team – Advisor: Tim Serino

  • The Math Team is both a competitive team and a social club. The team competes in the Massachusetts Mathematics League (MML), a competitive league made up of approximately 44 teams across the state.  The season consists of six monthly meets against local public and private high schools; including one playoff meet.  Each month the team will focus on the six math categories of the upcoming meet.  There are problems for all levels of students, as the categories range from fractions and mixed numbers to Algebra 1, geometry, and trigonometry.  Although the subject matter of the problems is familiar, students are challenged to complete problems that exceed the level of the curriculum covered in their math classes.   The team meets at a minimum of every Thursday for an hour to work on practice problems.  The competitions are on the first Thursday of each month starting in October and ending in March.  The competitive part of the team is made up of ten senior, junior, and underclassmen starters who will compete at each meet.  Alternates also attend practice and meets either to compete for a starting position, practice for the next season, or simply because they enjoy the challenge of the rigorous math problems that are written by the MML.

The Typical “Mathlete”

Although most students on the Math Team are currently enrolled in honors and advanced placement classes, students of any level can join the team.  There are only three requirements for a student to participate.  First and foremost, the student should enjoy math!  Second, the student must enjoy an academic challenge.  Finally, the student should be willing to commit to practice time. When a student is a member of other sports and clubs, arrangements have often been made to accommodate scheduling conflicts.


Other than practicing for and competing in meets each month, the math team will be represented at Lynn English High School’s academic awards night; will be an integral part of the Lynn English team during Lynn’s city wide mathematics competition; will occasionally sponsor a fundraiser.


Lynn English High School has fielded a mathematics team since approximately 1970. The team consistently fields a roster of approximately 30 active members.  For more information, email Mr.    Serino at [email protected] or visit http://www.lynnschools.org/classrooms/english/            faculty/TimSerino.shtml and click on the “math team” tab.

Mock Trial – Advisor: Erin LeColst

  • Open to all students. Mock Trial is an academic club that coaches students to learn the law through a civil or criminal trial. Students take on the roles of either a witness or a lawyer, prepare their case and finally compete against other high schools in Massachusetts. The commitment is two afternoons per week in preparation for trial and three afternoons per week as the competition approaches. The schools compete in three preliminary rounds commencing in late January and alternate in playing the roles of either the Plaintiff/Prosecution or the Defendant. The Mock Trial program is run by the Massachusetts Bar Institute. The Mock Trial Program requires students to increase their proficiency in basic life skills, such as listening, speaking, reading, and reasoning which leads to an increased awareness of the roles within the legal profession. Be sure to look for signs in September to join!

Model UN & History Club – Advisor: Bill McGuinness

  • The Lynn English High History Club seeks to provide students with fun activities that enhance their appreciation for history and its place in their lives. Our primary focus is Model UN, in which members travel to some of America’s leading institutions for weekend conferences to act as ambassadors to the United Nations. In the past we’ve attended Harvard University, Brown University, Dartmouth College, Northeastern University, and Johns Hopkins University. All are welcomed!

Music Club – Advisor: Gil Lapointe

  • Lynn English High School Music Club is designed to bring students together who have a common interest in the world of music. Through weekly meetings, Music Club seeks to expose its members to different varieties of music, expanding their appreciation for music and hopefully giving them the chance to discover what music means to them. Attendance is not mandatory for membership, and there are no dues to pay.  Mr. Lapointe can be contacted in room 252 (band room) or through email at: [email protected]

National Honor Society – Advisor: Jessica Serino

  • The National Honor Society (NHS) is the nation’s premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students.  More than just an honor roll, NHS serves to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character.  These characteristics have been associated with membership in the organization since its beginning in 1921.  It is important to understand that chapter membership not only recognizes students for their past accomplishments, but challenges them to develop further through involvement in active school activities and community service.  Eligibility for LEHS NHS begins with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.8 at the end of the first quarter of junior year.

National Technical Honor Society – Advisor: Peter Holey, Jr.

  • The National Technical Honor Society serves over 180,000 student members annually. In 2017, NTHS will award over $200,000 in scholarships to career and technical education students. The LEHS NTHS honors the achievements of top Technical Science students, provides scholarship opportunities to encourage the pursuit of higher education, and cultivates excellence in today’s highly competitive, skilled workforce. Each student must meet the qualifications set by LEHS. Qualified students receive a formal invitation by the local NTHS Chapter Advisor.

Peer Mediation Program – Advisor: Ginny Keenan

  • Lynn English students have the opportunity to resolve school-based conflict through the Peer Mediation Program. In this program student leaders are trained to mediate conflicts such as rumors, threats, or arguments between friends. Mediators help students who are having a disagreement to sit down together, discuss their disagreement and try to work out the problem; they don’t take sides or decide who is right or wrong. They never repeat anything they hear in mediation session; everything is kept private. Referrals to the mediation program are often made by vice-principals, guidance counselors, and teachers, but half of the referrals come directly from students asking for help with their conflict. If you need help resolving a conflict or if you are interested in becoming a mediator, please contact the adviser in Room 335.

Quiz Team – Advisor: Peter Pappagianopoulos

  • Which American poet wrote “Leaves of Grass”? What is the cube root of 216? Which composer wrote Madame Butterfly? These are some of the questions that Quiz Team members might have to answer in competition in the North Shore College Bowl League.  The league is made up of several public and private schools including St. John’s Prep., Pingree, Waring, Salem, Hamilton-Wenham, St. Mary’s, and Classical.  Quiz Team is a year-long activity which lasts from October through April. The year begins with a qualifying test which seeks to identify the strong categories for each participant.  At each meet, schools play three matches, each lasting for twenty minutes.  If a school answers a toss-up question correctly, the team will then receive a three-part bonus question.  Questions could include anything from chemistry to cartoons.  At the end of each season, all teams compete in the play-offs.  Trophies are awarded to the winning team of the regular season and also to the winner of the playoffs. Quiz Team began thirty years ago with our participation in a TV show filmed in Somerville called the Star Market Challenge and has continued ever since.  Since the beginning, LEHS has always fielded competitive teams.  In the 1990s, we represented the state of Massachusetts in the National Tournament of Academic Excellence held in Orlando, Florida. Quiz Team is the perfect organization for anyone who loves academic and general knowledge and games such as Jeopardy and Trivial Pursuit.  New members are always welcome. Answers to above questions: Walt Whitman, 6, and Puccini.

Recycling Club – Advisor: Diego Pacheco

  • The Recycling Club is a club that any student can join!  Students meet once a week and go to classrooms to empty bins into large recycling bins that are collected weekly by the city.  We have recycled tons of paper that otherwise would have gone into the garbage.  Sign up with a friend or on your own and make new friends while helping the environment.  Being a part of a club is a great way to meet people and it looks great on resumes and college applications!

Science Team – Advisors: Jeff Bigler & Erik Hellmer

  • The Science Team is for students who are interested in science and want to participate in science-related competitions against other schools.  The Science Team is a member of the North Shore Science League, which holds monthly science meets at high schools around the North Shore.  Each meet consists of three separate events on different science-related topics, including biology, chemistry, physics, Earth science, engineering, and current events.  Some events involve building a device to enter in a contest.  Some are “instant invention” events, where contestants have to build a device on the spot and compete with it.  Others involve identifying specimens or answering questions on a science-related topic.  Besides the League, there may be other science-related events and activities throughout the school year that members may participate in, depending on availability and interest.  The team is open to anyone in grades 9-12 who is interested in science.  New members are welcome at any time during the school year.

Spanish–American Club – Advisors: Angel Grullon

  • The Hispanic American Club meets every week during the school year. The club has over sixty members this year. Students in the club sold candy and chocolate as a fundraiser. Top fundraisers received gift cards as a reward for their efforts. In addition, we had a pizza party for everyone that participated selling candy. The club also donates money to different charities. The main purpose is to raise money is to donate one thousand dollars to two seniors that will be attending college in the fall (the Hispanic American Club Scholarship Award). It was an extremely successful year for the Hispanic American Club. We are looking forward to next year.

Speech Contest – Advisors: Colbe Mazzarella & Kevin Gallagher

  • Any student in grades 9-12 can compete in the speech competition. It is especially good for shy people who want to speak up and talkative people who want to improve their skills. This is a definite life-changing activity! Students compete in up to 6 monthly contests, earning prizes up to $2,500! Lynn students often make it to the state finals, which earn them at least $2000. Just participating looks great on your college application. Do it all four years of high school! If more information is needed, please contact either Mrs. Mazzarella at [email protected] or Mr. Gallagher at [email protected].

Student Council – Advisors: Erin LeColst

  • The Lynn English Student Council is the representative government and voice of the student body. At the beginning of the school year elections are held in each homeroom and the council representative is elected. The entire council meets monthly to discuss and vote on student council sanctioned activities. The council also elects officers (president, vice president, secretary and treasurer) who also meet monthly to set the direction for the main council meeting. The council sends representatives to the City of Lynn’s annual student government day in which seniors are able to shadow city hall workers for the day to experience the inner workings of city government. The Lynn English Student Council conducts several fundraisers for worthy organizations like the American Red Cross, The Salvation Army, The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, American Cancer Society, etc. The council also participates in community service projects and promotes school spirit days.

The Bulldog (School Yearbook) – Advisor: Jen Mageary

  • The yearbook captures every aspect of a student’s school experience. During the spring, upperclassmen are invited to apply to become a member of the yearbook staff. Students that prove to be the most talented, intelligent, and creative are awarded a position as editor. The students develop skills in publishing, on-line design, graphic arts and photography. The yearbook workload begins in the summer when assignments are given out, and the staff really starts to design their yearbook in the fall, collecting and organizing photos and stories to create a final product. The yearbook is given to the seniors during their senior week and a supplement issue which highlights their prom, spring sports, and graduation is mailed to their homes the next fall. Incoming freshmen can prepare themselves by learning as many technological skills related to publishing as they can using internet instruction. Hopefully, the incoming freshmen class will have students that exhibit the highest level of intellectual creativity to design a yearbook that excels all previous classes.

TV Club – Advisor: Ken Vorspan

  • The TV Club consists of two, sometimes overlapping, components.  The mission of both groups is to represent Lynn English High School in the most positive and professional manner possible. (1) LEHS AM News & Announcements show is broadcast live Monday thru Friday from 7:55am to 8:00am from the school’s TV studio to all homerooms. The show consists of school news, club updates, weather, school and professional sports, and special features. The Am News crew reports to the TV studio every morning at 7:30 to organize and prepare the morning’s newscast. (2) LEHS Video Crew is responsible for videotaping LEHS varsity sports and other major school events such as plays, concerts, celebrations, and graduations. These students are paid by Comcast/Verizon for producing programming for Lynn Educational Television (LETV). Positions are open to all students with the necessary experience and responsibility.  Meetings to schedule varsity sports and other school events are held 3 times per year – at the start of the Fall, Winter, and Spring sports seasons.

Writer’s Club – Advisor: Sarah Phelan & Tim Magill

  • The Writers Club is seeking to give students who are interested in writing, in all of its forms, an opportunity to share, workshop, and showcase their work. It is open to all students interested in writing. The meetings are usually held every Tuesday, and are organized by Timothy Magill and Sarah Phelan. Students in the Writers Club work together to think of new and creative ideas for poems, spoken word, short stories, blog posts, and graphic novels, as well as work on perfecting their pieces for possible publication. The Writers Club looks for Writing Contests and other events to help promote their budding talents. The group is also looking to establish a creative publication in the near future.

Sport                                       Coach                                      Email                          


Athletic Director                     Dick Newton                            [email protected]

Assistant Athletic Director      Peter Holey, Jr.                       [email protected]


Baseball                                  Doug Mullins                           [email protected]

Basketball (Boys)                    Antonio Anderson             [email protected]

Basketball (Girls)                    Mackenzie Charles            [email protected]

Cheerleading                          Stephanie Cuevas               [email protected]

Cross Country (Boys)               John Walsh                              [email protected]

Cross Country (Girls)               Brenda Martin                        [email protected]

Football                                   Chris Carroll                            [email protected]

Golf                                         Jim Tidmarsh                          [email protected]

Hockey (Boys)                         Mike Roberts                        [email protected]

Hockey (Girls)                         Anthony Martucci                   [email protected]

Lacrosse                                 Peter Pappagianopoulos   [email protected]

Powder Puff                            Peter Holey, Jr.                       [email protected]

Soccer (Boys)                          Kerry King                               [email protected]

Soccer (Girls)                          Ed McNeil                               [email protected]

Softball                                    Cara Crowley                          [email protected]

Spring Track (Boys)                 Sam Hill                                   [email protected]

Spring Track (Girls)                 Brenda Martin                        [email protected]

Swimming & Diving                Matt & Lisa Trahant               [email protected]

Tennis (Boys)                           Kerry King                               [email protected]

Tennis (Girls)                           Lauren Mezzetti                      [email protected]

Volleyball                                Mike Haddad                          [email protected]

Winter Track (Boys)                John Walsh                              [email protected]

Winter Track (Girls)                Brenda Martin                         [email protected]

Wrestling                                Tim King                                  [email protected]