Exploring College Options – Duke, Georgetown, Harvard, Penn & Stanford

Exploring College Options is a special informational program sponsored by the undergraduate admissions offices of five of the country’s leading universities: Duke UniversityGeorgetown UniversityHarvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Stanford University.

This fall we are pleased to invite you and your family to join us for a 90-minute webinar to help you explore your college options and prepare a strong and reflective application in this time of change and new challenges. During the program, admission officers from our five universities will introduce their institutions, discuss the college application process, answer general questions, and provide individual school breakout sessions.

Please register for the webinar date and time that best fits your schedule (all times are EDT):

Upcoming dates

Sunday, September 12, 6 PM EDT

Monday, September 13, 7 PM EDT

Tuesday, September 14, 7 PM EDT

Sunday, September 19, 6 PM EDT

Monday, September 20, 7 PM EDT

Tuesday, September 21, 7 PM EDT

If you have questions about accessibility or these programs in general, see our FAQs.

Tufts University Diversity Experience (for Seniors)

The below opportunity is for SENIORS ONLY

The Voices of Tufts Diversity Experience, sponsored by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, is a two-day program designed to introduce high school seniors to the diversity and community at Tufts University. Participants have the opportunity to learn more about Tufts through tours with current students, interactive student panels, application and financial aid presentations, and conversations with representatives from our identity-based resource centers.

This year’s Voices program will take place in a virtual format. There is no cost to participate in Voices and all applicants to the program will have their Tufts application fee waived. Completed applications are due by 5:00 PM Eastern Time on Wednesday, September 1st, 2021.

For more information, click the below link and/or attachments.

If you need assistance, email YOUR guidance counselor.

Tufts University Diversity Experience

Tufts University Diversity Experience # 1

Tufts University Diversity Experience # 2

Tufts University Diversity Experience # 3

Tufts University Diversity Experience # 4

Tufts University Diversity Experience # 5

Tufts University Diversity Experience # 6


Summer School 2021

Lynn English students are eligible to attend Summer School for FREE. You may attend Summer School for one of the following reasons:

  • You did not earn 25 credits this year to be promoted to the next grade. For example, if you are in the 9th grade and only earned 23.5 credits, you need an additional 1.5 credits to be promoted to the 10th So, next year, you will remain in a 9th grade homeroom taking 10th grade classes. You will be moved to a 10th grade homeroom once you earn at least 1.5 credits. This same situation also applies to 10th graders hoping to more into the 11th grade and 11th graders hoping to move into the 12th grade.
  • You did not pass a Lynn Public Schools graduation requirement (i.e., English, US History, Physical Education)
  • You did not pass a course that may be required for you to apply to a four-year college or university (i.e., English, Math, History, Science, Foreign Language)

To enroll in Summer School, please click the link in one of the below flyers (in English and Spanish) and complete the information on the registration form. The Summer School Directors were also provided with the classes and the number of quarters that you need to take.

Summer School Flyer – English

Summer School Flyer – Spanish

If you failed a class for the year, you need to make up the following quarters:

  • If you failed four quarters, you need to make up three quarters
  • If you failed three quarters, you need to make up two quarters
  • If you failed two quarters, you need to make up one quarter
  • If you failed one quarter, you need to make up one quarter

If you are unable to attend Summer School, there may be an opportunity to make up failed classes during after-school hours when school resumes in the fall. At this time, we do not know if that opportunity definitely will be available.

All Summer School questions can be directed to the Summer School Directors:

We will return to school on Monday, August 30, 2021. Have a great summer with family and friends!

Ms. Kara Baletsa, [email protected], x-3433
Mr. Kevin Benecke, [email protected], x-3434
Ms. Nicole Passanisi, [email protected], x-3432
Mr. Rardy Pena, [email protected], x-3428
Mr. Matthew Wilkins, [email protected], x-3431
Mr. Robert Zollo, [email protected], x-3443

Gerondelis Scholarship

The members and directors of the Gerondelis Foundation, Inc., are pleased to announce the 31st annual Gerondelis Foundation scholarships to assist deserving students of Greek ancestry who expect to enter college in the fall. The scholarships will be in the amount of up to $5,000 each, depending on the number of qualified applicants who meet the following eligibility requirements:

1. Class of 2021 graduate who resides in Essex County (which includes Lynn)

2. Rank in the upper 20% of the graduating class; or have attained a combined critical reading and math SAT score of at least 1200; or attained a composite score of 27 on the ACT

3. Officially be admitted to a four-year college or university

4. Be of at least one-half Greek lineage

For further information and an application form, email the Foundation at [email protected]. Applications must be submitted no later than July 1, 2021.

SAT Prep @ Lynn English (Summer 2021)

WHAT?            MATH and ENGLISH preparation for the SAT.

Visits to local area colleges.

WHO?             All college-bound students in grades 10, 11 and 12.

WHEN?            Tuesday, July 6th through Thursday, July 29th

Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays (8 a.m.-12 p.m.)

Thursdays (8 a.m.-4 p.m.)

WHERE?          Lynn English High School Guidance Department (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)

*breakfast will be provided

Simulated practice test administrations and visits to local colleges (Thursdays)

*breakfast and lunch will be provided

WHY?              To familiarize students with SAT testing strategies and college application procedures, improve SAT scores, and expose students to local area colleges.

COST:              $0


PLEASE COMPLETE THIS CONSENT FORM AND BRING WITH YOU ON July 6th.                                                


Italian Community Center of Greater Lynn Scholarship


These scholarships will be given to a student of Italo-American parentage who has scholastic achievement.

Italian Community Center of Greater Lynn

Esther H. Hawks Trust Scholarship


The Esther H. Hawks Trust welcomes applications from residents of Lynn, Massachusetts. First-time applications from Lynn residents in their senior high school year, for full-time study at American colleges, have usually been given preference. Applications for up to three renewals of grants are invited, but renewals are not automatic. Applicants with earned income may be favored. Awards are need-based, but achievement is also considered.

No Trustee (nor family member of any Trustee) of the Esther H. Hawks Trust is eligible. The Trust, in making grants, does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation, handicap, or national or ethnic origin.

The number and amount of first-time awards varies from year to year and from grantee to grantee. In recent years, out of 30-50 total grants, there were 10-20 first-time grants, with an average grant of about $3000 each. Awards are usually announced by mid-June and paid directly to the college thereafter. Awards are need-based but consider achievement, vary between awardees, do not exceed tuition and fees, or a level set annually by the Trustees.

To apply, click Hawks.