Gerondelis Scholarship

The members and directors of the Gerondelis Foundation, Inc., are pleased to announce the 31st annual Gerondelis Foundation scholarships to assist deserving students of Greek ancestry who expect to enter college in the fall. The scholarships will be in the amount of up to $5,000 each, depending on the number of qualified applicants who meet the following eligibility requirements:

1. Class of 2021 graduate who resides in Essex County (which includes Lynn)

2. Rank in the upper 20% of the graduating class; or have attained a combined critical reading and math SAT score of at least 1200; or attained a composite score of 27 on the ACT

3. Officially be admitted to a four-year college or university

4. Be of at least one-half Greek lineage

For further information and an application form, email the Foundation at [email protected]. Applications must be submitted no later than July 1, 2021.

Italian Community Center of Greater Lynn Scholarship


These scholarships will be given to a student of Italo-American parentage who has scholastic achievement.

Italian Community Center of Greater Lynn

Esther H. Hawks Trust Scholarship


The Esther H. Hawks Trust welcomes applications from residents of Lynn, Massachusetts. First-time applications from Lynn residents in their senior high school year, for full-time study at American colleges, have usually been given preference. Applications for up to three renewals of grants are invited, but renewals are not automatic. Applicants with earned income may be favored. Awards are need-based, but achievement is also considered.

No Trustee (nor family member of any Trustee) of the Esther H. Hawks Trust is eligible. The Trust, in making grants, does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation, handicap, or national or ethnic origin.

The number and amount of first-time awards varies from year to year and from grantee to grantee. In recent years, out of 30-50 total grants, there were 10-20 first-time grants, with an average grant of about $3000 each. Awards are usually announced by mid-June and paid directly to the college thereafter. Awards are need-based but consider achievement, vary between awardees, do not exceed tuition and fees, or a level set annually by the Trustees.

To apply, click Hawks.

Syrian-Lebanese Women’s Club of Greater Boston Scholarship


Eligibility Requirements:

– Syrian or Lebanese descent

– US citizen or permanent resident

– Massachusetts resident within 50 miles of Boston

– Attending accredited college in Fall 2021

To apply, click Syrian-Lebanese Women’s Club

Lynn Knights of Columbus Scholarship – Deadline Extended to May 14, 2021


The Valladolid Council No. 70 Scholarship Program annually awards financial aid to students accepted to accredited institutions of higher education.

Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of several criteria: financial need, scholastic ability, character, community and extracurricular activities, as well as school guidance counselor input when available. Awards are made without consideration of race, creed, sexual identity, national origin or immigration status.

The decision of the Lynn Knights of Columbus Scholarship Governing Board will be announced in the third week in May of each year. However, no scholarship award will be made if in the opinion of the Scholarship Governing Board there are no qualified applicants.

The application deadline has been extended to May 14, 2021, mailed to:

Scholarship Governing Board

Valladolid Council No. 70, Knights of Columbus

177 Lynnfield Street, Lynn, MA 01904

An official transcript of grades received during four years of high school or three years of high school and the last year of junior high or middle school must be included with the application.

All applicants must complete and file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and then forward a copy of the Electronic Student Aid Report (ESAR) – the form returned to you for verification – in a separate sealed envelope along with your scholarship application. This form is an integral and private part of your scholarship application that is for the exclusive use of our scholarship evaluators. If you do not receive your FAFSA Report within a reasonable time, you should call 1-319-337-5665 to check on its status.

For both a WORD and PDF application, click below:

Knights of Columbus Application

Knights of Columbus Application

Boston Globe Foundation – Richard J. Phels Scholar-Athlete Award


On April 12, 2021, the Boston Globe Foundation will open the application process for the 35th Boston Globe Foundation/Richard J. Phelps Scholar-Athlete scholarship program.

The program, thanks to funds generously provided by the Foundation and Mr. Richard Phelps, is open to high school seniors. This year, 18 total scholarships valued at $3,000 apiece will be awarded to one male and one female from MIAA Districts 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, one male and one female from Central Mass. (Districts 2/3), and one male and female from the city of Boston. Also, with the enthusiastic support of Richard Phelps, again, we will also be selecting one male and one female from NEPSAC schools in Eastern Massachusetts. The scholarships will be awarded based on excellence in academics, athletics, and extracurricular activities, and will go directly toward each student’s post-secondary education.

Please have each of your candidates fill out the 2021 application and return it to the Boston Globe Foundation by Monday, May 10. Candidates must supply the required information with the application (official high school transcript and letter of recommendation from the principal, a guidance counselor/teacher, or a coach).

Please click below for a letter and application.

Boston Globe Foundation – Richard J. Phels Scholar-Athlete Award Letter

Boston Globe Foundation – Richard J. Phels Scholar-Athlete Award Application

Lynn English Class of 1970 Scholarship


The Lynn English Class of 1970 is looking to award numerous scholarships to Lynn English Class of 2021 graduates whose family members were part of the Class of 1970 graduation class.

If you had a family member graduate with the Lynn English Class of 1970, please email Mr. Wilkins at [email protected] by 8:00 AM, Friday, April 16, with the following information:

1. Your first and last names

2. Your student ID number

3. The family member’s name who graduated in the Lynn English Class of 1970 (maiden name if applicable)

4. Your relation to that family member who graduated with the Lynn English Class of 1970

5. Your cell phone number

6. Your email address

George E. Richardson Memorial Scholarship


Requirements: Applicant is in the top 10% of the class and will be attending a four-year college in the fall.

For a WORD application, click Richardson

For a PDF application, click Richardson