Massachusetts Nurses Association

Scholarship Name: Massachusetts Nurses Association

Status: CLOSED

Posted Date: March 26, 2020

Due Date: June 1, 2020

MNA Member’s Child:
1. Applicant must be the child of a MNA member in good standing.
2. Applicant must be pursuing a degree as a Registered Nurse or *Health Care Professional. If applicant is a
licensed RN, she/he must be an MNA member in good standing.
3. Proof of enrollment – provide a letter of acceptance into a program.
4. Accreditation – the school MUST be approved by a professional accrediting body (i.e. NLN, AACN,
5. Provide 2 references – one from a faculty member, principal or guidance counselor; one from an adult
acquaintance, e.g. music teacher, employer, neighbor, community leader, etc.
6. Submit a personal typewritten statement (double spaced, maximum 500 words) on a separate 8 ½” x 11”
page which includes your career goals, philosophy of nursing (if pursuing a nursing degree), how education
will enhance your goals and your contribution to the profession. Describe current activities and
accomplishments (personal and/or professional).
7. Provide a statement from the parent – see page 6 of this application.
8. Any unusual circumstances that support your application may be added to your statement

To apply, click MNA.