Seniors Celebrate Together

The class of 2020 has faced a senior year like none other in history. The XQ organization has partnered with The Lebron James Family Foundation and the Entertainment Industry Foundation to celebrate high school seniors throughout the country with a first-of-its-kind national graduation that will air simultaneously on network television, social media and streaming platforms. The event will feature LeBron James, Malala Yousafzai, the Jonas Brothers, Yara Shahidi, H.E.R., Megan Rapinoe, Bad Bunny, Lena Waithe, Pharrell Williams, Ben Platt and others.

Here’s how you and your students can participate:

Share your stories about remote learning quirks, inspiring tales of educators going above and beyond, or anything else that you think needs to be told on Graduate Together’s website.

–Encourage your seniors to submit photos and short video segments that tell the stories of their achievements.

–Ask your seniors to submit photos for the first-ever National High School Yearbook in partnership with JR’s global Inside Out participatory photo project.