Merrimack College


Merrimack College and the O’Brien Foundation have had a decades-long partnership that has greatly benefitted Lynn English High School. Since 1980, they have awarded millions of dollars in scholarship money to Lynn English students; they have also donated hundreds of thousands of dollars for books, technology and supplies. Today, Tuesday, November 10, we were informed that they plan to continue that partnership.

For the Class of 2021, the O’Brien Foundation plans to award annual scholarships of at least $1,000 ($4,000 total) to numerous students, and it does not matter where those students attend college. Local Scholarship Applications will be made available to all seniors in March/April 2021, and those applications will be reviewed to determine the scholarship recipients.

There is also the possibility that Merrimack College and the O’Brien Foundation will award significant scholarships in the tens of thousands of dollars to a couple Lynn English students who attend Merrimack College starting in the Fall 2021. If you want to be considered for these possible scholarships, you must submit an Early Application to Merrimack College by this Sunday, November 15 – To be clear, just because you apply to Merrimack does not mean that you will receive these scholarships. You should only apply to Merrimack if you have a sincere interest in attending there.

Merrimack College is located in North Andover, Massachusetts. More information about the college can be found here –

Class of 2020 Merrimack College Freshman Class Profile

  • 36% students had a GPA 3.5 or better
  • 34% students had a GPA between 3.0-3.4
  • Average GPA = 3.3
  • Average SAT score = 1110
  • Average ACT score = 24

If you have any questions, please contact YOUR guidance counselor.