Puritan Lawn Foundation Scholarship

The Puritan Lawn Memorial Park Educational Foundation has been established to identify and recognize the efforts of high school seniors who have had to put family first and education second throughout their career and provide the momentum needed to succeed academically. Eligible candidates will include those students who may not have achieved their academic potential because of circumstances beyond their control – as an example, students who have placed family responsibilities ahead of education. The goal of the Puritan Lawn Memorial Park Educational Foundation is to annually award scholarships that might positively change a student’s path in life.
The below application is in both PDF and Word. If you are unable to print/mail the application, you can email the completed application to YOUR guidance counselor who will review it and forward to Mr. Wilkins.
If you email the application to YOUR guidance counselor, be sure to include all components: (1) General Questionnaire, (2) Financial Aid Questionnaire, and (3) TWO Appraisal / Recommendation Forms. Your guidance counselor will complete the Transcript Information Request Form and provide the transcript.
The Appraisal / Recommendation Form is also below and separate from the application so that you can email it to the two individuals who will complete it.
Please Note: Incomplete applications will not be reviewed by the Puritan Lawn Foundation, so it is upon you to make sure that all application parts are complete when submitted.
The application deadline is April 16, 2021.