Vietnamese-American Dreams Scholarship


The Dreams Scholarship was created in 2001 to help young people pursue higher education in a field that fuels their passion. It is awarded to Vietnamese-American students who exhibit great leadership, service, and appreciation for the Vietnamese culture.

Through their partnership with the Vietnamese-American Community of Massachusetts (VACMA), NEIVSA has awarded scholarships to over forty aspiring Asian-American students since 2001 and this year hopes to provide financial assistance to both high school seniors and college students.

Applicants will be judged according to their merits in academics, community involvement, leadership, and character. We strongly encourage ALL eligible Asian-American youths to apply. Selection will be conducted by the NEIVSA Scholarship Cabinet. Finalists may be contacted for online interviews, which will take place over Google Hangouts in March/April. The winners will be announced at the organization’s annual Awards Gala early May. Please note that the winners will be required to provide proof of enrollment of their selected colleges and are encouraged to participate in their college VSA, NEIVSA, and/or the Vietnamese Community of their state upon receiving the Dreams Scholarship.


High School Applicants

To be eligible for the Vietnamese-American Dreams Scholarship, an applicant must:

1. Must be Vietnamese/Vietnamese-American or have strong personal connection with the Vietnamese Culture.

2. Be a senior at the time of your application

3. Must provide proof of enrollment (i.e. letter of enrollment or tuition deposit, etc.) at time of award

Scholarship: Scholarships up to $1000 will be granted.

Scholarship Deadline: Completed materials must be submitted via application link by Sunday, March 1, 2021 11:59 EST.

Submission Forms for reference:
High School Applicants
High School Dreams Scholarship Application Form

For more information, please contact:
NEIVSA Scholarship
Ivy Tang, Scholarship Director