Raw Art Works (RAW)

Some new groups are starting at RAW (Raw Art Works) at 37 Central Square – Lynn, MA 01901 (www.rawartworks.org). The groups are rooted in art therapy, and as such, contain instructional content regarding art but also allow youth a safe place to explore their experiences. These groups are aimed at high school students and start the week before Thanksgiving.

Loud+ Proud – A safe, creative, group for high school students who identify as LGBTQIA+, questioning or as an ally to explore LGBTQIA experiences. A variety of art techniques will be explored! There will be some focus on community engagement and collaboration through zines, posters, and stickers. Though it will be held in the RAD Print Shop, many art materials will be explored.

The People’s Print – This group explores intersectional social justice issues as they arise in the lives of high school youth. The group will create collaborative art pieces using poetry, writing, drawing and the use of a variety of printing methods. The history of print and social justice will be explored and how it relates to today.  Art will be made as self-expression as well as in response to community advocacy.

Interested students can fill out an application for these groups on the RAW website by clicking the “Get on the Waitlist” button here: https://www.rawartworks.org/campaign-1