The Yes She Will Scholarship


  • Up to $5,000.00 for two years to support the cost of tuition for female graduating seniors who are pursuing a two-year degree, with preference for but not limited to, fields of study in Healthcare (i.e., nursing, lab technician, dental technician etc.), Education, Biotechnology, Computer Networking/Programming, and Engineering.
  • The scholarship is equally available to female students pursuing career focused education at a trade school or pursuing a credited certificate program.
  • Intended for low-income female students who would otherwise not be able to attend community college were it not for this scholarship.
  • The renewal would be based on maintaining a minimum of a B- average and providing ECCF with the transcript.

Application Requirements:

(1) Complete this application by legibly printing/typing in blue or black ink. If you’re able to print, complete, scan and save the application, then do so. Otherwise, open the WORD document, erase the underlined areas, type in the necessary information, and save it. Please do not type more than fits the allotted area.

(2) Attach copies of Financial Aid Award Letter/Email and Fall 2024 bill (if available)

(3) Attach the first page of your FAFSA Submission Summary if you completed the FAFSA; if you could not complete the FAFSA, you CAN still apply without this requirement

(4) Answer the following essay question in a less than 250 words, double-spaced response: From Your Heart:  In very few words, do you have a passion or anything else you would like us to know about you? Please describe it simply and from your heart.

(5) In only ONE email to your guidance counselor, email this application and all above requirements by 8:00 AM, Friday, April 19, 2024. Your guidance counselor will complete the evaluation on the last page upon receiving. Your guidance counselor will also attach a transcript with 1st, 2nd & 3rd quarter grades.

For an application, open either of the below WORD or PDF applications.

The Yes She Will Scholarship

The Yes She Will Scholarship