The Lynn English High School Guidance Department’s website was created to communicate to students, parents, teachers, and the greater community the resources available through the Guidance Department. The department is staffed by six, full-time counselors who are certified by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

The Guidance Department’s services demonstrate a commitment to developmental guidance for all students and directly reflect the Lynn English High School Mission Statement: The mission of the LEHS community is to provide all students with the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills within a safe and supportive environment and to promote respectful, responsible behavior.

The main objective of the Guidance Department is to assist students in preparing for the transition into adulthood. To meet this objective, students need counseling and guidance with personal, emotional, social, educational, and vocational issues. Counselors aid students by helping them better understand their strengths and limitations, by identifying their interests, and by planning and attaining realistic goals.

The Guidance Department attempts to help students through the process of making decisions while also teaching them to be responsible for the implementation and success of those decisions. The counselor assists each student by helping him/her be more objective and realistic as he/she seeks self-understanding and self-development. Individual counseling helps the students interpret and relate facts about themselves and their world while also helping them apply this knowledge in solving everyday problems and making realistic educational and occupational plans.

Because the Guidance Department believes strongly in a proactive counseling model, it strongly encourages students and parents to utilize its counseling services and this website to the fullest potential. The counselors expect that they will continue to serve as a foundation for the ongoing evolution of the Guidance Department as they continue to evaluate their work with students, parents, and teachers.