Review your mid-quarter progress report and share it with your parents. If your progress report contains poor grades, a poor attendance record or negative comments, and you do not make changes to improve your record, you may face the following consequences:

  • Failing the course(s) for the school year
  • Attending summer school and/or LEEP (night school)
  • Repeating your entire grade
  • Not meeting graduation requirements (including the MCAS)
  • Being ineligible for…admission to certain colleges…scholarships…and/or extracurricular activities
  • College acceptances and scholarships can be rescinded if you do poorly during the 3rd & 4th quarters

It is strongly suggested that you work diligently during the remainder of the school year to improve these grades. You should abide by some or all of the following suggestions to improve your academic standing:

  • Report for your teachers’ nights back for extra help until your grades improve
  • Use a separate notebook to keep track of assignments or grab a Daily Assignment Worksheet in shelving unit by the Guidance secretaries
  • Devote more time to studying and/or change your study habits
  • Ask questions in class for clarification
  • Immediately inform your guidance counselor if you are really struggling in a class
  • Seek outside tutoring for additional help
  • Complete a Talent Search application to determine if you qualify to receive tutoring sessions from an adult tutor
  • Visit for FREE educational videos on Math and other subjects
  • Frequently check for missed classwork, homework, quizzes, tests, projects, essays, reports, etc. with your teachers and using the Home Access Center (HAC).
  • Pick study / lab partners (or study / lab groups) who understand the subject in which you receive below-average grades. Always being with friends may not be academically advantageous.
  • Take a Weekly Progress Report (WPR) from the shelving unit by the Guidance secretaries on Thursday mornings. Have your teachers complete the WPR on Thursday and Friday. Have your parents review and sign the WPR over the weekend. Return the WPR to your guidance counselor on Monday morning. Determine which classes require more effort.
  • Avoid being tardy or absent for illegitimate / dishonest reasons so you do not miss class time.