Review your mid-quarter progress report and share it with your parents. Heed the warnings and follow the suggestions mentioned in the above October suggestions.

If you did not register for any SAT, and you are college-bound, you need to register for the January SAT. For students with free or reduced lunch, there are a limited number of fee waivers available from your guidance counselor.

Continue working on your college applications. Once you submit / mail your application(s), after one or two weeks, you may also want to call schools to verify the receipt of your complete application.

If any college applications have a January 1st deadline, make sure you complete and collect all required documents two weeks before the start of Christmas vacation. Do not take a chance that you, a teacher or a guidance counselor becomes ill and you are unable to collect required documents. Also, do not take the chance that school is cancelled due to the weather.

Attend the Financial Aid Night in late November or early December. Listen for announcements, expect reminder phone calls, and check the Guidance website for further details.

Visit the Guidance Department website, for valuable information and resources about scholarships and post graduate options (including college). Look for scholarships: use the scholarship search feature on the College Board and FastWeb websites and check the Lynn English Guidance Department website. DO NOT pay for any scholarship search services.

Listen to daily announcements on the morning television show and the daily announcements by the principal in the morning and afternoon.