Review your second quarter report card and share it with your parents. Heed the warnings and follow the suggestions mentioned in the above October suggestions.

Finish your college applications.

Once you submit / mail your application(s), after one or two weeks, you should call schools to verify the receipt of your complete application. (NEACAC – Preparing for Senior Year)

  • Did All My “Stuff” Make It There?
    • Every year millions (literally millions!!!) of applications are submitted to colleges and universities across the country. Items are going to get lost along the way! It is your responsibility to call each one of your schools to make sure that all of your “stuff” (application, essays, transcripts, FAFSAs, etc.) made it safely to the college.
  • Why Is It Important For You To Call?
    • Your guidance counselor, teachers, and parents have already applied, been accepted and graduated from college, now it’s your turn! While it can be nerve wracking for you to call an admissions officer, every admissions officer on the planet would rather receive a phone call from a student than a guidance counselor, so it is very important for you to make these calls. Each call you make shows that college that you are interested. Remember, this phone call, this relationship building, could be the difference between an acceptance and a rejection.
  • Keep Colleges Updated!
    • Colleges need as much information from you as possible. Send colleges your second and third term grades so that you can show the admissions officers that your grades are improving!
    • Was your soccer season longer than expected because you made a deep playoff run? Did this affect your academic performance? Write your admissions officer a quick e-mail and let him or her know.
    • Did your family’s financial status drastically change? Was a parent laid off? Let financial aid offices know so they can make an informed decision and re-evaluate your family’s finances.
    • In short, every additional piece of information that you send to a college or university creates a relationship with an admissions officer and can only help you along the way.

If colleges contact you to request missing or further information, make sure that you respond to them promptly.

If you have not already completed the FAFSA or CSS Financial Aid Profile, please do so as quickly as possible. Again, the longer that you wait to complete the FAFSA, the smaller the amount of federal aid will be available to you.

DO NOT STOP WORKING DILIGENTLY IN YOUR CLASSES!!! A college acceptance or scholarship offer can be rescinded if you have poor grades, poor attendance or behavior problems during the third and fourth quarters.

Visit the Guidance Department website, for valuable information and resources about scholarships and post graduate options (including college). Look for scholarships: use the scholarship search feature on the College Board and FastWeb websites and check the Lynn English Guidance Department website. DO NOT pay for any scholarship search services.

Listen to daily announcements on the morning television show and the daily announcements by the principal in the morning and afternoon.