Prepare for your midterm examinations, which occur towards the end of January. Students will take a two-hour examination, for each course, that tests a student’s knowledge of all material studied since September.

Finish your college applications. Once you submit / mail your application(s), after one or two weeks, you may also want to call schools to verify the receipt of your complete application.

If colleges contact you to request missing or further information, make sure that you respond to them promptly.

Complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible after January 1st. The longer that you wait to complete the FAFSA, the smaller the amount of federal aid will be available to you. Some schools may ask you to complete the CSS Financial Aid Profile rather than the FAFSA. It is encouraged that you complete these documents online: or

Attend the FAFSA Night in early January. Listen for announcements, expect reminder phone calls, and check the Guidance website for further details.

If you and your parents wish to seek free assistance with the FAFSA or the CSS Financial Aid Profile, you may schedule an appointment with the Educational Talent Search Advisor, Kelly Scimone, in the Guidance Department. She assists students and parents with these financial aid documents. You will need to complete an application to see if you qualify for services.

Visit the Guidance Department website, for valuable information and resources about scholarships and post graduate options (including college). Look for scholarships: use the scholarship search feature on the College Board and FastWeb websites and check the Lynn English Guidance Department website. DO NOT pay for any scholarship search services.

Listen to daily announcements on the morning television show and the daily announcements by the principal in the morning and afternoon.