Review your mid-quarter progress report and share it with your parents. Heed the warnings and follow the suggestions mentioned in the above October suggestions.

You might want to further research and explore the colleges that you are interested in attending.

Check the mail daily for letters from the admissions and financial aid offices of colleges.

Review financial aid award letters from colleges. If you disagree with a college’s financial aid package, contact the college’s financial aid office and explain why you believe your circumstances justify a better financial aid package. Be polite and respectful when speaking with a college’s financial aid personnel. If necessary, schedule an appointment with a college’s financial aid administrator.

If you submitted your FAFSA promptly after January 1st, you should have received your Student Aid Report (SAR), which details your Family’s Expected Contribution (EFC) for your college expenses. If you think that there are errors, immediately contact FAFSA personnel.

Visit the Guidance Department website, for valuable information and resources about scholarships and post graduate options (including college). Look for scholarships: use the scholarship search feature on the College Board and FastWeb websites and check the Lynn English Guidance Department website. DO NOT pay for any scholarship search services.

Listen to daily announcements on the morning television show and the daily announcements by the principal in the morning and afternoon.

Complete the Local Scholarship Application and return it to your guidance counselor by May 1st. If you do not submit this application, you will not be considered for any local scholarships.