Girls, Inc.

For over sixty-six years, Girls Incorporated of Lynn has responded to the changing needs of girls and their communities by providing essential developmental resources and challenging programs to high-risk, low-income girls and their families. Since its founding in 1942, Girls Inc. of Lynn has been widely recognized and respected for the powerful and positive impact it has had on generations of girls and women. They are part of a national youth organization, Girls, Inc. The organization is dedicated to inspiring all girls to be strong, smart and bold. With roots dating to 1964, Girls Inc. has provided vital educational programs to millions of girls, particularly those in high-risk under-served areas. Today, innovative programs help girls confront subtle societal messages about their value and potential, and prepare them to lead successful, independent and fulfilling lives. Teen programs offer many leadership opportunities to young women ages 14-18. Teens address important issues such as sexism, racism, the prevention of early sexual activity, underage drinking, and drug use. All young women learn about career choices, college admissions, and other post-secondary opportunities. Teens have access to academic workshops, tutoring, the computer lab, and adult mentors. At Girls Inc., teens become leaders and role models. Any teen can become active with Girls Inc. by participating in enrichment activities, coming for homework assistance, and working on community events organized by teens. Teen programs include Career Path, La Verdad, Teen Health Ambassadors, Sister 2 Sister, and Part of the Solution. For more information, contact Girls Inc. of Lynn, 50 High Street, Lynn, MA 01902, 781-592-9744, info@girlsinclynn.org

RAW Arts Work

A nonprofit youth arts organization, RAW was founded in 1988. For the past 20 years, the staff of arts therapists has taken art into the streets, public housing, youth incarceration facilities, clinics, soup kitchens, schools and homes, as well as offering programming in the studio in downtown Lynn. RAW provides innovative ways for young people to engage in art-making that can and does transform their lives.

Experience has shown that it’s often easier to paint your feelings on a canvas than to express them through words. Through untraditional art concepts, RAW gives children and teens the opportunity to express “what’s really goin’ on” in their lives. After kids render their emotions and experiences in color, it’s often easier to put what they’re feeling into words. When those young artists enter RAW Space, the studio in downtown Lynn, they step over a huge sign on the floor that says, “NO MISTAKES–JUST ART.” At RAW, every child is given the tools to succeed–both in art and in life. For more information, contact RAW Arts Work, 37 Central Square, Lynn, MA 01901, 781-593-5515,

La Vida

The La Vida Scholars program seeks out high school students from Lynn’s Latino community who are performing well academically but who may lack the guidance and resources to successfully enter the best colleges. They prepare, guide, and encourage these students through every step in the college entrance process to ensure that they make the best decision possible. For more information, visit