The SAT is the nation’s most widely used admissions test among colleges and universities. It tests students’ knowledge of subjects that are necessary for college success: reading, writing, and mathematics. The SAT assesses the critical thinking skills students need for academic success in college – skills that students learned in high school. The SAT is typically taken by high school juniors and seniors. It tells students how well they use the skills and knowledge they have attained in and outside of the classroom—including how they think, solve problems, and communicate. The SAT is an important resource for colleges. It’s also one of the best predictors of how well students will do in college. Each section of the SAT is scored on a scale of 200-800, with two writing subscores for multiple-choice questions and the essay.

Every college-bound junior should register to take the SAT in May or June. Although paper registration forms are sent to all high schools, the registration process can be lengthy and should be completed at If students are unable to take the SAT or SAT Subject Tests on a Saturday for religious reasons, they are eligible to take the test the following Sunday if they submit their registration with a letter from a cleric explaining the religious obligation.

A limited number of fee waivers are available for students with free or reduced lunch. A student who is eligible for fee waivers can receive the following:

  • Two fee-waiver cards for SAT registrations
  • Two fee-waiver cards for the SAT Subject Tests registration (for up to three tests per registration)
  • Four additional flexible score reports, which can be ordered at no charge at any time after registering for the test(s), including after scores have been reported. (These flexible score reports may be used after a student has taken an
    SAT or for a previously taken SAT or SAT Subject Test).
  • Question and Answer Service (OAS) or the Student Answer Service (SAS), if ordered at registration
  • A discount on The Official SAT Online Course, with any online registration using a fee waiver

FREE Online Information for SAT Takers

  • MY SAT Online Score Report
  • SAT Skills Insight
  • View approximate delivery time frames for score reports to each college / institution chosen by the student, based on the deliver method
  • Score Choice: Designed to reduce student stress and improve the test-day experience, this new policy will give students the option to choose the SAT scores by test date and SAT Subject Tests by individual test that they send
    to colleges (in accordance with an institution’s stated score-use policy). This will allow students to put their best
    foot forward on test day by giving them more flexibility and control over their scores. Score Choice is optional,
    and if students choose not to use it, all scores will be sent automatically.
  • Customized Score Reports: When ordering score reports, students can select specific test dates to appear on their score reports sent to institutions. Only scores from the selected dates will be reported.

The Lynn English High School College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB) code is 221265. Make sure that you take advantage of the free score reports that you can send to a limited number of colleges/universities.

Research shows that students receive little benefit from repeating the SAT multiple times. Students receive, on average, a 40-point increase in their scores across all three sections of the SAT when they take it a second time. Score increases are lower on subsequent retests.

Students can visit the SAT Practice Center at for additional SAT preparation materials.