The New England Board of Higher Education’s Tuition Break, the New England Regional Student Program (RSP), provides a tuition discount to New England residents when they enroll in approved degree programs at out-of-state public colleges and universities in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. The approved undergraduate and graduate degree programs are available in all fields of study, including art, business, communications, education, engineering, health professions, languages, legal studies, natural resources and the sciences. Residents of a particular New England state are eligible for an approved major at certain out-of-state New England public colleges, when none of the in-state public colleges offers a comparable program. In some cases, students are also eligible if an out-of-state college is closer to home than an in-state college.

FOR EXAMPLE: A Massachusetts high school senior intends to major in zoology and attend the University of New Hampshire (UNH). Because no public Massachusetts colleges or universities offer zoology as a major, the Massachusetts senior may attend UNH and pay the RSP rate. Based on 2008-2009 figures, the in-state tuition rate for UNH was $9,420, the out-of-state tuition rate was $22,900, and the RSP rate was $16,485. Therefore, the Massachusetts senior saved $6,415.

Please visit for more information, including a searchable program database, Tuition Break brochures for each state, Tuition Break Catalog featuring a list of programs for each participating college or university, eligibility information (including the Proximity option), and tuition rates for all public colleges and universities.

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